Yawning Tiger…Sleeping Beauty? :)

I am back in Aurangabad after a non-stop, whirlwind weekend of 4 flights, and 2 – 2+ hour drives on less than ideal roads. My destination was Pench National Park. I stayed in a lodge overnight on Saturday and did 2 – 2.5 hour safari’s with a very knowledgeable guide and naturalist. This park, and from what I have been told, all of India’s national parks, is under heavy guard to prevent poaching. One thing India values highly, other than perhaps its cricket matches, is its wildlife, especially its tigers. These guys are Bengal tigers, and are quite elusive. To see one is considered pretty lucky. I saw 2 on my Saturday afternoon safari. The first one was belly up, about 100 meters away in tall grass, catching some zzzzz’s in the 43 C degree heat. I have a couple of shots of him, but all you can see is 1 paw and part of his side. This guy however was about the same distance away, but laying down in a small pool of water to keep cool. I kept focused on him and caught him in mid yawn! What big teeth you have Mr. Tiger…all the better to chomp you my dear!


Eye of the Lizard

Went for a short tour to Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary, about 50km from Aurangabad, India today. It was a balmy +42 degrees C today.  Although it was the wrong time of year to visit this sanctuary, I still managed to see some monkeys and this guy. 


An Adventure in India…but oh the heat!

Thought I would provide an update on my work trip to India. HOT…HOT…more HOT. Did I mention Hot? In the plant where I am working it hits about 120 degrees F or about 49 degrees C up on the mezzanine where the equipment I am working on is located. 

The city where the plant is located seems to be very similar to many areas of Mexico I have seen. Many buildings falling down, partially constructed and never completed, full of garbage and roads falling apart. For some reason I had not thought India was quite like this. Not sure where I got this notion from. 

The people so far have been quite friendly. There is a lot of English spoken here and most signs are in English. The food has been okay. I have not been too exploratory with the food as I do not need to get sick in this heat, so I am being very cautious. 

Here is a pretty common shot from a street scene as we get taxied back and forth from the plant to our hotel every day.


A new adventure!

I am packing and prepping for an international trip. Tomorrow I leave for India for 2 weeks. Although it is mostly a work trip, I am hoping to sneak in a couple of days for sightseeing! 

I am going to document this trip on Instagram. If you wish to follow me along, here is the link.