I am humbled!

Yesterday I received word that the image below was chosen as a winner in the Ontario Travel Magazine Fall Photography contest! I am very happy! This is Decew Falls near St. Catharines, Ontario.



Websters & The Weed

I took a couple of members of my Meetup waterfall group to Websters Falls in the Spencer Gorge Conservation area this morning. Last night we had a light covering of snow on the ground. Unfortunately there is no longer access to the bottom of Websters Falls so shots of it have to come from above unless you do the rather long hike in. It was a chilly morning and the wind made it seem even worse. In addition the sun was strong and made for some not so nice highlights in the water. But it was a couple of hours spent outside doing what I love!


Tiffany Falls

This past weekend I taught a Digital Photography Learning course out of my home. My students were awesome and they all came away with some great images! On the Sunday we spent a few hours at Tiffany Falls, just outside of Ancaster, Ontario. The autumn colours were absolutely beautiful!





Decew Falls in the Autumn

This morning I took 3 members from the Waterfall Photography Meetup Group to Decew Falls and the Morningstar Mill in St. Catharines, On. It was a beautiful morning and the colours are just incredible! We hiked along the Bruce Trail and took a very dangerous and tricky route down to the bottom of the 80 + foot embankment, sliding down in the mud on our butts for the most part! We hiked back along the river and photographed Lower Decew Falls and then continued on to photograph Upper Decew Falls. We also did some shooting around the mill itself and received a history lesson from one of the great volunteers on site!



Upper Decew Falls




Upper Decew Falls



Sunbeams on the Bruce Trail



Lower Decew Falls



Watery Reflection

Tews Falls

Yesterday I took a few members of my Waterfall Meetup group (http://www.meetup.com/Waterfall-Photography-Workshops/) to Tew’s Falls, which is part of the Spencer Gorge area. We hiked into the bottom of Tew’s, which can be a bit challenging. We have had a lot of rain recently but the rivers and creeks are still pretty dry so Tew’s was not flowing as well as I had hoped. However I think we all enjoyed the great hike!


Great Falls

This morning I took some members of the Waterfall group to Great Falls located in Waterdown, Ontario. This is a very pretty waterfall with reasonably easy access to the bottom. While the waterfall itself is always nice to photograph, I enjoy shooting some of the many small cascades downstream. It was a beautiful morning and I quite enjoyed taking a couple of hours from a very busy work schedule to be out in nature!


Sherman Falls on a Cold Morning

This morning I took a few members from the Waterfall Meetup group to Sherman Falls in Ancaster, On. With all of the recent rains and such Sherman was flowing quite well. There were two other photography groups also shooting at Sherman which made the need for patience a necessity! 


Albion Falls on a Cold Morning

This morning I ventured out with 2 members from the Waterfall Meetup group to Albion Falls here in Hamilton, Ontario. It was a cold morning, but recent rains and snow have Albion flowing quite well. In my opinion this is one of the prettiest waterfalls on the Niagara Escarpment due to the 100’s of little cascades that the rock shelves create. The icicles hanging from the walls were an added bonus!


Tiffany Falls – January 2012

Last Sunday I took members of the Waterfall Meetup group to Tiffany Falls located in Ancaster, Ontario. Tiffany is a very pretty waterfall and looks just as good in the winter as it does at any other time of year. The group had a good time and some great images were taken!

Here are a few of mine.

Waterfall Meetup!

Recently I found out about a web site called Meetup. (www.meetup.com) Here you can search groups of people on almost any subject you can think of in your area or in any area.  Or you can create your own group. I created a Waterfall Photography group and within a few days had over 40 members! Now there are 51 people in the group! This morning we had our first “meetup” at Webster’s Falls. About 15 people showed up which was fantastic considering the time of year! Everyone had a great time and we are all looking forward to the next meeting!

Here are 3 images from this morning.