Hamilton – Circa 1920’s Continues

Here are more images from my ongoing project of photographing some of the unique buildings or pieces of buildings in Hamilton. I am using a combination of Nik Silver Efex Pro and Lightroom to get the “antique” look.


Hamilton – Circa 1920’s Continued

This is another image from Hamilton – Circa 1920’s. This is the monument for fallen soldiers during the battle of Stoney Creek at the Battlefield House. 

Hamilton – Circa 1920’s

While working on my Life Through The Lens project, I did a lot of shooting throughout the city of Hamilton where I live. It was certainly an eye opening experience as it taught me just how wonderful your very own backyard can be if you spend the time and effort to look around. So I decided while working on my book for my LTTL project that I still needed to get out and shoot. So I have come up with an interim project. I am going to photograph many of the older buildings, parts of the older buildings and pieces of those parts in Hamilton. I am then going to make them look like they are from the 1920’s using a combination of Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro, Photoshop and Lightroom. With many of these images I am going to break most if not all of the “traditional” photography rules. Why? Because sometimes you just have to work outside of the box. I hope you enjoy these! I certainly do!