Salmon on the Fly!

This young, female Brown bear was standing on the top of Brooks Falls here in Alaska working on here fish catching techniques. She was learning pretty quickly!



Carrying the Flag

I am working outside of Jefferson City, MO this weekend, and this afternoon I finished up early and went for a walk around this pretty city that I have never been too. It was a gorgeous day for wandering!


Stormy Church

I am working in Champaign, Illinois for a couple of days, and today I had an opportunity to go for a walk through this pleasant city’s downtown. Big, dark clouds moved in looking to rain on my parade, but stayed away. This is a shot of the United Methodist church.

Poppa Bear

This was the first bear I saw after arriving into the Yukon. He was on the side of the road about 1 hour outside of Whitehorse. He was meandering along the side of the road chomping on dandelions and other weeds. He could not have cared less about us.


Washington Post article

One of my images from my recent safari in Pench National Park, India has been featured in an article in the Washington Post! The journalist who wrote this article was in the jeep with me!

Patterns in the Mud

During my wandering around Stilwater National Wildlife Refuge near Fallon, Nevada yesterday I happened to glance down and noticed these awesome patterns in the solid mud. Abstract is always fun!