Lightroom Course

Location – My home – Burlington

Date – TBA

Duration – 8 hours

Start Time – 9am

End Time – 4:30pm (1/2 hour for lunch)

Maximum Number of Participants – 15

This is an introductory course to Lightroom and some of the various tools available. We will cover Importing & Exporting your images. Tagging and Metadata. Organizing your workflow. Keywords. The Develop Module. Basic fixes and corrections. Add ons and HDR. Backing up.


Laptop with a version of Lightroom installed. If you use Creative Cloud, then you will have the latest version. 

A maximum of 3 to 5 images of your own to work with.


$75.00 per person payable up front via e-mail transfer only. PayPal is NOT accepted. Cash is accepted but you must pay upfront before the course date.

Send your e-mail transfer to

A minimum of 6 participants is required before I run the course.

There are no refunds for the course unless I cancel the course.


Craig’s expertise of the program showed in his ability to clearly explain each module, answer questions as well as demonstrate how to apply the tools to get the results we needed to use the program. He was organized and helpful throughout the course.

I’m not the best when it comes to learning these programs but Craig’s friendly, patient and outgoing personality made me feel at ease from the start. I came away with a better knowledge of the software and more confident about using it.

I enjoyed taking the course with him and would readily take more to help me grow as a photographer.



I recently participated in a day long workshop on Lightroom with Craig Brown and I highly recommend studying with Craig to anyone who is looking to improve his or her photography skills. Craig’s workshop was well organized, with adequate time spent explaining and demonstrating LR and equal time allowed for the class to practice what had been shown. There was adequate time spend on all the facets of Lightroom that the class was interested in learning. Craig circulated through the room and was always ready to answer questions and provide extra help where needed. His ability to explain LR in a down-to-earth way was appreciated as was his patience in fielding questions from beginners, some with limited computer and Lightroom skills. The pdf copies of the material that he covered in the workshop were most appreciated as it saved everyone from having to take copious notes and will provide useful information as we start using Lightroom. Thanks again to Craig for making the day a fun learning experience! Cyndi Ingle, Cyndi Ingle Photography and creator of Hamilton Photographers Rock on Facebook

I found this course very worthwhile. Craig is a professional with many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. He was able to address the questions from the group and provide some very good guidance. Craig methodically works through the various topics in the course. He alternates from live presentations working within the Lightroom application to pointing out where the topic can be found in the reference material. The small class size also allows plenty of time for each class member to work on a few of their own images with Craig moving around the room to provide one on one assistance as required. Each participant is given copies of the reference material to take home. This approach worked really well as the course provides the initial information and guidance, plus you leave with the confidence that there is good material to reference when you get home. The class was comprised of those who had never used Lightroom and those who recently started using the program but are still learning. The course served both levels of experience very well. There were frequent times when we would hear a class member say “oh wow” or “I didn’t know that” or “so that’s how you do that”. I highly recommend participating in this course.

Well done!

Jim S


I was impressed with the amount of knowledge and expertise Craig managed to share with us in a relatively short time and how organized his time and materials were. To be given take home help was so valuable!

I learned so much and I can begin now to edit my photos in a way I could not have dreamed of before.

Thank you Craig and I look forward to taking more workshops with you!


10 thoughts on “Lightroom Course

  1. Craig,
    I would be interested in learning Lightroom. I’ve just recently purchased it and am just starting to familiarize myself with it.
    I do not have a lap top. I use it in my iMac.
    Would you consider giving me a private session in my home?

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