A Pretty Sunset

I spent the day out near St. Jacobs, Ontario driving around and photographing. On my way home, since it had been such a nice day, I decided to stop in at Cootes Bay and wait for sunset. As usual I was not disappointed! 


Lonely Tree

I went for a walk this morning to Bayfront Park in Hamilton. It was a reasonably nice morning. Lots of birds were flying about and collecting food. During my walk I came across this lonely tree by itself and as I was snapping the shots, a couple of birds flew into the frame.


Moody Sky

Yesterday at Sam Lawrence Park, Hamilton. I purposely Post Processed this low key in order to enhance the moodiness of the sky. 
Canon 5D MK III
17-40mm Lens
ISO 100
121 Second Shutter
Lee Big Stopper

Suffering for my Art!

I stood out in the pouring rain this evening hoping the sky would light up, and Mother Nature did not disappoint!

cootesbaysunset_8244 cootesbaysunset_8258

Streaking Clouds

Just after lunch today I decided to head outdoors as the sun was finally shining and the light was much nicer than the past couple of days. However it was quite windy and the clouds were streaking through the sky. I headed to my favourite night sky spot in Hamilton, Binbrook Conservation Area. Funny thing is I had never photographed there during the day. 






Stormy Sky Over Hamilton

After dinner this evening I was sitting on my back porch and noticed the sky was getting darker as the sun started going down. I drove off to Sam Lawrence Park to await sunset to see what Mother Nature would bring. The clouds were too thick for the sun to give us much of a light show, but the sky was still interesting. Have a great night everyone!