February 26

Today was my last full day in Arches.

As this week has passed and I have spent the week touring through the park and doing photography, I could not help but be humbled by the incredible beauty of the park! The arches, rock formations and canyons have taken MILLIONS of years to be created! And they continue to change right in front of our very eyes. Wind, water and soil erosion continue to change the landscape. I wonder what the area will look like in another million years! We humans seem to want change to happen in seconds or minutes so it is difficult for us to comprehend what happens on our earth over incredible amounts of time.

When I started in photography many years ago, all I wanted to do was take pictures like everyone else. I did not put much thought into the images. As I have matured as a photographer, I have come to realize that the ability to create a image, you want everyone who sees the image to understand what you are trying to convey in the image, or the mood you are trying to show. True images must come from your heart. When I arrive at a location and long before I take the camera out of the bag I spend some time just looking around. I will close my eyes and just listen at times. Listen to the sounds of the wind, the animals or the people. When I create an image I want to convey a feeling of what I see and what I feel at that particular moment.

I hope I have suceeded!

Courthouse Towers at sunrise.

The Organ at sunrise.

The Three Gossips.

The Garden of Eden.

A desert sunset.

February 25

Well the day started off so so. Again it was a cloudy morning, so no sunrise. We shot a couple of arches, including Landscape Arch. However I need to do more work on the image so I will post it later. In the late morning, it cleared up and the sun came out. This next shot is the Pine Tree Arch.

 In the late afternoon we headed back into the park. From here on, all I can say is “What an amazing lightshow!”

This first shot is just inside the park entrance and I simply called it Sentinel with Lasal Mountain in the background.

This next shot was shot at the same location. I had shot the Three Penguins the day before, but the light was not near as nice as it was today!

From here we drove in a bit further and photographed the Petrified Dunes. Very awesome!

We also stopped at Park Avenue. It is named for resembling large towers on both sides of a road.

We set up for sunset at a hill across the road from the Balanced Rock and the Garden Of Eden. Balanced Rock is incredible! This rock weighs approximately 3,500 tons! Yikes! We patiently waited for sunset and oh my god, we were not disappointed!!

February 24

We left early this morning to visit Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point. All I can say is “WOW”! The mighty Colorado River is some 2000 feet below us as we hoped for some nice light in the early morning.

Since the day was cloudy and you really need sun to take advantage of the arches we just wandered around looking for interesting subjects. I liked this shot as it shows an icicle attached to the sandstone wall.

I had been searching for a tree by itself in front of a rock wall and I finally found one!

February 23

We were up very early on this bitterly cold morning! We hiked into Mesa Arch in the dark and we were the only photographers there until just before sunrise when another photographer joined us.

Mesa Arch is stunning! It actually spans the edge of an immense canyon. Right under the arch is about a 1000 foot drop off! When the sun came up high enough the entire underside of the arch lit up! It is wonderful!

Later in the afternoon we did the 1.5 mile hike to Delicate Arch. I can see why this particular arch is such a photographic icon! With the Lasal Mountains in the background it is wonderful!

I hiked down into the bowl off to the right side of the arch for a different view. I found a puddle of water and when the sun started going down the arch lit up! WOW!

Once sunset was done we did some light painting of the arch. We did long enough exposures that we even have some small star trails!

Arches National Park – February 22

Another photography adventure!

And so it begins! Up at 5 am this morning and headed off to Arches National Park. It was pretty cold, about -15. When we arrived at the park there was no one around! Yahoo! I have been told this place in the summer is a zoo, and there are always lots of photographers fighting for space. Our first stop was the North and South Windows and Turret Arch.

There was no sunrise this morning due to the cloud cover. These arches are incredible! I sat there for quite a while simply marveling at these imense structures and their simple beauty!

From these arches we drove around the park a bit and we will be coming back. We plan on shooting “Delicate Arch” one evening when we know the sky will be clear.

We headed out of the park and east following the Colorado River. About 20 miles along we passed the Fischers Towers. These amazing towers are huge in size and seem to just be sitting there. Since it was going to be sunset soon, we found a spot along the Colorado River and took a couple of shots.

This one was taken about halfway into the towers area.