Life Through The Lens – Part II

It is almost here! My newest project! 



Please join me on January 1, 2013 as I begin my latest project. Life Through The Lens – Part II – The 1000 Day Project! 

You read that right! I am going to take an image every day for 1000 days! The images will be posted here and on my Facebook page.

I hope you can join me on this wonderful journey! We will all share in the stories and memories of the images I will capture!



My Life Through The Lens Book!

For those of you that followed my Life Through The Lens project from June 1st, 2010 until May 31, 2011, my book is now available! Visit the link below to see a sample of the book!


Have a wonderful day and happy shooting!

Image from May 31

WOW! Lots of words to say, but few can express what I am feeling as my Life Through The Lens project comes to a conclusion! I started this project, not really knowing what I was getting into, back on June 1, 2010. This project has left me with 365 wonderful memories and 365 stories to tell. Not all of the images will be keepers, but they all have their own unique place in my memory. This journey has taught me much. It has taught me that beauty lies everywhere. In your own backyard, in your own town or city, in your province or state and in your country. Before I started back on June 1, I felt I was pretty good at “seeing” pictures everywhere I looked. Boy was I wrong! There is so much beauty out there in this big world of ours, it is almost unbelievable! This journey also taught me that when you put the time and effort into something that is really important to you, you will succeed, no matter what. Many a day came that I was exhausted or working crazy hours and it was difficult to look at the clock, see there was only a few hours left in the day and know that I had to go out and get my image for that day. 

I have many people to thank for helping me through this journey. Most importantly would be my wonderful and amazing fiancee, Kim. She put up with me running out at the oddest of hours, maybe just after getting home from being away to get my image. She helped me by putting to use her wonderful knowledge of the city of Hamilton and giving me ideas of where to photograph. Thank you my love! To my photography students, I have to thank you as well. I may be the teacher but you are an inspiration to me. Past and present you all had wonderful and fresh ideas and were a pleasure to work with. To my very close friend Tracy who accompanied me on many shoots and has taken her photography to a much higher level than when I first met her, thank you for your support. And to all of the other photographers out there, many who have done or are doing similar projects, thank you for your inspiration! I will take a break for a little while and work on a book with all 365 images. I have a few ideas for another project down the road.

The final image was shot at Bayfront Park in Hamilton. The sun had pretty much set and a sailboat wandered into my image on its way back to the marina. 

Image from May 30

The ClothesLine Project is a program to help curb violence against women. It was started back in 1990 in Cape Cod, MA. It is a way for women who have been abused to show their emotions on a shirt and then hang it on a clothesline to let others see it as a testimony to the problem of violence against women. This particular clothesline is found on King Street West in Hamilton. It is supported by the Good Shepard Centre for Women. Let’s all help STOP the violence and abuse towards women. There is no place for it in society. 

Photographed in Hamilton, Ontario

Image from May 29

I went for a walk around the block this afternoon and just as it was starting to rain I was walking by a Dodge car dealership and they had a bunch of the new Fiat’s parked along the front of the lot. I particularly liked the yellow one! It just looks so happy!

Photographed in Hamilton, Ontario

Image from May 28

I hiked about 5km’s of the Chedoke Radial Trail this afternoon. Part of the trail took me through dense forest. Along the way I spotted these deer grazing peacefully. They are such beautiful creatures! Unfortunately in Hamilton and surrounding areas there are too many of them. One of the main reasons for this is all of the wolves and coyotes in the area over the past many years have been shot. (after all they will drag your children from their beds and eat them!) This stupid action has left the deer without any natural predators and their populations have increased dramatically. 

Photographed in Hamilton, Ontario

Image from May 27

Tracy & I went to her parents house in Glen Williams along the Credit River this afternoon. Her parents have a great house and their property backs right on to the river. With all of the recent rains we got some great shots of some of the plant life and flowers! However the shot I liked the best was an old tractor kind of buried in the forest across the road from her parents house. These shots always look wonderful toned in a variation of Black & White! This shot was adjusted in Silver Efex Pro 2 from Nik Software.

Photographed in Glen Williams, Ontario

Image from May 26

I wandered around my backyard yet again this evening and walked out to the field behind my house. There are some wild flowers in the field coming alive with all of the rain we have had recently. With a gentle breeze these images become “painted with light”. I love the artistic effect of this!

Photographed in Hamilton, Ontario

Image from May 25

I went for a drive this evening just as it looked like the rain was about to start. I ended up stopping at the Queen Street hill Bruce Trail access. Even though it was overcast, all of the new growth on the trees made for a vibrant image!

Photographed in Hamilton, Ontario

Image from May 24

I was wondering around my backyard this evening taking shots of all of the new spring growth! Everything is coming out of its winter hibernation! It is quite beautiful! 

Photographed in Hamilton, Ontario