Sunshine Award

Thank you very much to my friend Silviaavigo for nominating me for the Sunshine Award! This is the first time i have ever been nominated! Thank you for your support of my blog Silvia! I feel very honoured! Please check out her wonderful blog at the link below!


Ten Questions About Me

1) Favorite color? Blue

2) Favorite animal? Cats and dogs and all the beautiful animals of the world

3) Favorite number? Number 7

4) Favorite drink? Beer and red wine 🙂

5) Facebook or Twitter? Definitely Facebook

6) Good movie or good book? Both but I prefer a good Robert Ludlum or Stephen Hunter book

7) My passion? My passion is photography without a doubt!

8) Favorite time of day? The morning. I am alive then…lol

9) Favorite vacation? Action and adventure vacations! No beaches for me!

10) Favorite flowers? Carnations

And finally, 10 blogs that I would like to nominate for the “Sunshine Award” because they let me know about other places, they inspire and entertain me.