Road to the Light

One of the most amazing parts of the Faroe Islands was the ever changing light. You would be photographing something in one direction, look over in another direction and the light would be amazing! Or you would be driving through rain, come around a bend or over a hilltop and amazing light would appear before you!
I am calling this one Road to the Light.

Early Morning Sky

I went over to Binbrook Conservation Area early this morning in hopes of a nice sunrise. Mother Nature was not keen on giving me colours, but the sky was still pretty none the less.


Black & Whites from Ottawa, Ontario

When I was in Ottawa, Ontario earlier this week I spent a bit of time wandering around the parliament buildings. It was bitterly cold and I would have like to spend longer but the wind was just too much. I processed these images through an add on to Lightroom from Nik Software. This add on is called Silver Effects Pro 2 and is amazing! It does for Black & White what HDR does for colour images!