Photographing The Night Sky

An introductory course in learning how to photograph the night sky.

You will learn:

The right settings for your camera

The right equipment to use

How to focus in the dark

How to achieve the right exposure

Star Trails

Light Painting

Perspective shooting (putting yourself in the image)

Please see the attached document, Photographing The Night Sky, for all of the details.

Date: Monday, July 4 (Private Event)


As with all of the courses, payment is due up front by e-mail transfer only. As well there are no refunds provided unless we cancel the course. Payment can be sent to:



7 thoughts on “Photographing The Night Sky

  1. Hi Craig, will you be offering a night sky photography course this spring or summer? I’m going to Utah the end of August & would like to try night photography. I just purchased a Nikon D500 to replace my old D90 and am loving it. Thanks.

  2. HI Craig! When will you be holding another Photographing the Night Sky class?
    Ps Must I buy an intervolametre to shoot the sky? I was thinking of buying one but maybe you can suggest a place that has them cheaper?
    I own a 60D Canon and have a fixed prime lens 50 mm at f1.8 and another lens 55-70 mm f2.8 as well as the kit lens….would I still achieve some details in the night sky?

    Take care and hope I can attend one of your workshops!
    Thank you Silvia

    • Hi Silvia! I am not sure yet. I am going to try at some point this summer. You don’t need a Intervalometer to shoot the sky with. You can get away without one. Your lenses are good at 2.8 but if there is anyway you could get a wider lens, that is better. There is a 14mm manual lens made by Rokinon that is awesome for nigh sky work. Send me an e-mail to and I will add you to the list for the course! Thanks! šŸ™‚

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