The Life and Death Cycle in Alaska

Below are some images from Alaska of perhaps Nature at its best and worst. The images portray animals killing to survive in the wild. 

Please note that some of these images are graphic and depict blood and death. It is your choice to view these images.

Alaska…and so it ends

It has been an amazing week in Alaska, but like all things, it must come to an end. My thanks to Lisa Langell for the wonderful week of photography here in Alaska. Here is another shot from yesterday. I love the contrast between predator and scavenger, big and small. Enjoy!

More images coming soon!

Alaska – Day 7

Today was one of the greatest days of photography I have ever had! I watched Nature at its best and at its worst. I only have the time to post this one image. Sorry for the watermark across the middle of the image, but this image has a lot of potential down the road.

Brown Bear

Alaska – Day 6

Yesterday we spent a lazy day traveling along the Kenai River for about 9 miles. The weather was beautiful and the birds were out everywhere! For a little while we had a pair of gorgeous Loons cavorting near our boat, which is quite unusual for loons to do.

Common Loon

Bald Eagles – Mature

Common Loon

Greater Yellowlegs

Belted Kingfisher



Alaska – Day 5

We went out on a 52′ boat today out of Seward, Alaska to view wildlife out on the sea. While the whales and Orcas were not around, the Sea Otters, Sea Lions and birds were in abundance. Listening to the cacophony of the Common Murre was simply breath taking! There were thousands upon thousands of these birds sitting on the ocean.


Alaska – Day 4

We spent almost 2 hours this afternoon not only photographing but watching several Bald Eagles playing and letting the wind take them wherever they wanted. These magnificent birds were a thrill to watch and were having the time of their lives playing!

Lines in the Sand

Alaska – Day 2

This morning we went bird watching in several marshes outside of Anchorage. The results were wonderful! We headed to the lodge outside of Sterling, Alaska. We spent most of the rest of the day searching for moose, caribou and bear. Normally this time of year all 3 are easily seen, but today they were all camera shy. We did however see some amazing bald eagles!

Arctic Tern in Flight


Baby Ducks

Mew Gull Chick

Bald Eagle