Camera Movement

As I progress further and further along my journey through photography, I find myself leaning more and more into the very creative and artistic side and way less into the technical side. Camera movement is one such piece of the artistic and creative vision. It is a very simple technique yet one I have done very seldom. For this I simply sat the camera on a solid surface, set a small aperture and as a result a longer shutter speed and then moved the camera horizontally as I was pressing the shutter button. 


Life Through The Lens – Part III – February 7 Image


Today’s image is a bit abstract as I really liked this yellow leaf amongst the green leaves of the fern. Photographed in Panama City, Panama.

Life Through The Lens – Part III – February 1 Image

Since it is a new month, I am changing up the theme for my LTTL Part III project. For the month of February, I will taking pics with only my Canon M10 mirrorless camera and the 15mm-45mm lens that came with it. The images could be from any genre. 

First up today…coffee!! Although since I just finished it, way late in the day! But I am working night shifts so I guess not! 

Photographed at the Crowne Plaza hotel near Panama airport.