Let the wind play

A 145 second exposure at sunrise this morning here in Newfoundland.



PEI Lightning

Mother Nature put on a bit of a show for us last evening as the sun was going down. 

Incredible Bergs

Icebergs in the Antarctica are truly amazing. Some so big they boggle the mind. Others, sometimes smaller than 5 metres are known as Bergy Bits or Growlers. The big guys, with mostly flat tops are Tabular. The largest iceberg on record was sighted in 1959 and was over 31,00 sq, Km., or bigger than Belgium. Only about 10% of an iceberg is above the surface of the water. The blue color usually means the ice is much older.
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Life Through The Lens – Part III – January 24 Image

Wildlife and Ice month continues as I feature many images from my recent trip to The Falkland Islands. 

When Gentoo Penguins come out of the water and head to land, they literally “explode” out of the water, flying through the air and landing on the beach. This action is not easy to capture as it is quite difficult to see them until the last second. It was funny with all of the photographers waiting to capture these moments, it sounded like Penguin Paparazzi when these guys came out of the water!

In Viking Times…

One of my favourite “genres” if you wish, in photography, is long exposures. I love slowing motion down and creating moody images from moving clouds or water. Long exposures can be anywhere from 1 second to hours and hours long. My typical long exposure image is 30 seconds to 5 minutes. It depends on how fast the clouds are moving and what visual story I am trying to tell with the image. This image for example, taken near Sorvagsvatn Lake, the largest inland lake in the Faroe Islands shows the area, where in Viking times, slaves who were no longer useful, were simply flung off of the cliff top, or so the story goes. The angry clouds show the displeasure of the Viking gods. This image is a 61 second exposure, ISO 100 at f11. I used a Lee Big Stopper to give me enough exposure time. The image was shot in Bulb mode.

Life Through The Lens – Part II – May 26 Images(s)

I am sure by now you must be tired of me going on and on about the wonderful photographic opportunities here in Ireland, but it just seems to never stop! Amazing landscapes and seascapes continue, beautiful lighthouses and old relics (not including my Irish friend Trevor whose birthday it was today and who arranged this amazing trip) are just a small portion of our day today. I can only continue to use the word “WOW” because I simply cannot find another word that accurately describes my feeling at each one of these locations!

Arch_5072 DoeCastle_5246 GasPump_5184 Lighthouse_5137

Life Through The Lens – Part II – May 21 Image

After a very long day of travel I finally made it to Northern Ireland. We met up at a Bed & Breakfast we are staying at for a couple of nights, and then went into the town of Bushmills for dinner. (Yes the very town where Bushmills whisky comes from!) After dinner we drove to the Giants Causeway. This is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns which are the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. We were hoping for some nice light for sunset but Mother Nature did not cooperate. 


Life Through The Lens – Part II – March 4 Image

After work today I drove to LAX and checked into my hotel and then drove up the coast a ways. I found a secluded area and snapped a few shots of the waves and the rocks. Tomorrow I head home! 🙂

Rocky Streaks