World Photography Day

Yesterday was world photography day. Seems there is a day for pretty much everything lately. But this one I am happy for. For me, photography allows me to dive into my creative side. To see and experience so much beauty the world has to offer.

This image is of Abraham Lake in the stunning Canadian Rockies!

Life Through The Lens – Part III – February 18 Image

Crepuscular Rays over Lake Ontario. Shot from my balcony this morning. 🙂

Homeward Bound

Well we are back in Santiago, Chile and heading home in a few short hours. Unfortunately our Antarctica trip was altered significantly. Due to weather conditions on King George Island (Antarctica), we were unable to fly there. So for 6 days we sat in Punta Arenas waiting for the weather to change. It did not and the ship was brought to a port at the bottom of Chile where we boarded and headed to the Falkland Islands. This part of the trip was wonderful and we saw 4 different species of penguins, Albatross and many other sea birds. We also saw Peale’s Dolphins. The Falkland Islands are delightful to visit and full of wonderful wildlife. I have 1000’s of images to go through so for now here is an image of 2 King Penguins being all lovey dovey! Looking forward to coming home!


New Web Site!

I am pleased to announce I have a new web site! Please check it out and share it if you like it! 

Photography By Craig