A Windy Day

I have driven across the Grand River bridge in Caledonia, Ontario many times and always wondered what the big, white building was up the river. Today I ventured over and found it was the old Caledonia Mill. Upon talking to a local who was walking by while I was taking pictures, he told me they were going to tear down the building in April.



Early Morning Sky

I went over to Binbrook Conservation Area early this morning in hopes of a nice sunrise. Mother Nature was not keen on giving me colours, but the sky was still pretty none the less.


Moody Sky

Yesterday at Sam Lawrence Park, Hamilton. I purposely Post Processed this low key in order to enhance the moodiness of the sky. 
Canon 5D MK III
17-40mm Lens
ISO 100
121 Second Shutter
Lee Big Stopper

Sand Storm

This image is from the mouth of the Slims River, which feeds Kluane Lake, the largest lake in the Yukon. Since there has not been much rainfall lately there is little water and when the wind picks up, it creates these awesome sandstorms that are great to photograph, but nasty on camera equipment. 


Streaking Clouds

Just after lunch today I decided to head outdoors as the sun was finally shining and the light was much nicer than the past couple of days. However it was quite windy and the clouds were streaking through the sky. I headed to my favourite night sky spot in Hamilton, Binbrook Conservation Area. Funny thing is I had never photographed there during the day. 






Life Through The Lens – Part II – January 24 Image

Just after lunch today I had to drive out to Woodstock for work. It was very windy and bitterly cold today. On my way back home I took some side roads and stopped to snap a couple of shots of the snow blowing across wide open fields. Brrrr!!


Life Through The Lens – Part II – January 6 Image

So what do you do when it is bitterly cold outside, snowing and windy? You run outside with your iPhone, snap a couple of shots close to your house and run back in! Then you play around in post processing and do some funky stuff!


Life Through The Lens – Part II – December 14 Image

Late this morning I ventured out into the crazy, windy, snowy weather and slowly made my way down to Confederation Park at Lake Ontario. For some reason I was the only one at the park! 🙂 The wind was howling, the snow blowing and the waves were crashing up against the rocks. It was a great day for photography!



Life Through The Lens – Part II – November 18 Image

I am back in Montreal for a couple of days. This afternoon while walking out to my car near the airport I noticed how simply amazing the clouds and the sunset was. There was a storm moving in for sure. The wind had also picked up. Knowing how crazy the Montreal traffic was, I knew I would not get anywhere in time to capture the sunset the way I wanted so I simply stood in the parking lot and aimed the camera up at the sky. After that I headed down to the St. Lawrence River to capture a few shots from there.