Old Church

I am currently in Germany for a couple of days. This afternoon I had an opportunity to go for a short walk in the village of Bulstringen. There is this amazing old Evangelical church in town. I could not find any historic info on it, but it is very cool!

Old Cotton Mill

I am working near Danville, Virginia over the weekend, and this afternoon I had an opportunity to spend some time walking the awesome river walk along the Dan River. There is an old, abandoned cotton mill in Danville, and with the cloudy sky, just made it look even more decrepit. 

Loppem Castle

On my day off today, we headed to the city of Brugge, Belgium, near the west coast of the country. Although the sky was completely grey (have not seen the sun yet), our spirits were high as we had a historic city to explore! Our first stop was Loppem Castle on the outskirts of the city. Although access to the castle was closed for the winter months, we still had great views from the walking paths. We then headed into Brugge itself. A very pretty and quite old city. We walked around parks, through old streets and plazas and across historic bridges. We sampled Belgium’s famous waffles, the calorie free ones (not a chance!). We also made a stop or 3 at some of the many chocolate stores throughout the city. Oh the chocolate!
Below is a shot of Loppem Castle. The castle was built between 1859 and 1862 for Baron Charles van Caloen and his family. It is considered a masterpiece of civil Gothic Revival architecture.

Ruthven Park

Ruthven Park is the former home of five generations of the Thompson family. Not the newspaper magnet or explorer, but an important family in their own right. With members of the military, actors, businessmen and politicians, the family contributed to the formative years of country and to the building of our nation up until the 1990’s.  They were also active members of the Haldimand community.

David Thompson moved to the area from Wainfleet in the 1830’s. His interest in moving here was two-fold.  First, he wanted to invest in the Grand River Navigation Company with funds he earned while being a contractor on the building of the first Welland Canal in the 1820’s. Secondly, he was interested in business.  As a result of his move, David was instrumental in the laying out of the former 1200 acre town ofIndiana. He eventually owned two sawmills, as well as a gristmill, carding mill, cooperage and several stores. Overall, Indiana supported over 30 industries and was the largest industrial town in Haldimand County in the mid nineteenth century.

David was elected to the legislative assembly after the union of Upper and Lower Canada in 1841, and served as a reformer until his death in 1851.


Black & White Italy

A couple of weeks ago I spent a bit of time in Italy, and I posted a few shots. I promised to post more once I got home so here they are! I simply love the architecture in Black and White! 

Venezia, Italy

I spent the day in Venezia (Venice) yesterday among the other thousands of people there to enjoy the beautiful weather and watch the Venice marathon! 

I shot over 250 images during my visit. This is only a very small sampling as I don’t have the time to work on all of these images right now. Stay tuned in a few weeks for the rest!

The St. Louis Arch

I am spending a couple of days in the oppressive heat in St. Louis. I ventured down to the shores of the Mississippi tonight to photograph one of thhe most famous man made landmarks in the midwest, the Arch or gateway to St. Louis!


Black & Whites from Ottawa, Ontario

When I was in Ottawa, Ontario earlier this week I spent a bit of time wandering around the parliament buildings. It was bitterly cold and I would have like to spend longer but the wind was just too much. I processed these images through an add on to Lightroom from Nik Software. This add on is called Silver Effects Pro 2 and is amazing! It does for Black & White what HDR does for colour images!