Code of Ethics

As a nature, landscape and wildlife photographer I think it is important to have and to follow a personal code of ethics. But in order for your personal code of ethics to stand true you must be willing to follow them. Remember that words are only words unless they are followed by the actions they represent. 

  • I will always only take pictures and leave only footprints.
  • I will understand and follow the rules and/or procedures of the area I am in.
  • I will not trespass on private property and will always ask permission.
  • I will pick up trash left behind by others.
  • I will not destroy or remove natural obstacles such as plants or flowers in my photographic endeavors. 
  • I will avoid photographing any type of wildlife if they exhibit signs of stress due to my presence. 
  • I will never bait any wildlife in order to photograph them. 
  • I will ask permission before photographing someone if I am not on public property.
  • I will always try to assist non-photographers at a scene if they ask for assistance.
  • I will always be courteous to everyone I meet. 
  • I will not block another persons view at a scene. If someone wanders into my view I will politely ask them to relocate.
  • I will do my best to educate myself about all areas I plan to visit for environmental and safety reasons. I am aware of my own physical limitations and will not do anything to bring harm to myself or others. 
  • I will always do my best to represent the final image I produce to what I saw with my own eyes and will always be forthcoming on any changes I make to the actual scene through post processing. 

I adopt this Code of Ethics and I strive to follow these ethics to the best of my ability.