Photography Courses

Do you love to take pictures?

Do you want to learn more about that digital camera that you received for Christmas?

Do you want to learn Adobe Lightroom and make the time spent behind your computer enjoyable and quick?

Look no further! I offer Digital Photography for beginners and Lightroom for Beginners. I also offer a Night Photography course.

The courses are customized and small, with small groups and one on one learning. We spend more time out in the field than in the classroom. The concept is to have fun while learning photography! 

I also offer private, one on one courses. These make for an excellent Christmas or Birthday gift for someone you know! 

$50 per hour of instruction in my office / home or in the field in the Hamilton area.

Please note there are absolutely no refunds for any course. If the course is cancelled it will be rescheduled. 

Digital Photography For Beginners

Link to Info

Lightroom Course

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Thinking Outside The Box

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Please fill in the form below and I will get back to you.



Craig thanks for a day of really good learning yesterday. So helpful!



Thank you very much for opening your home and sharing your vast knowledge with us today. You’re a fantastic teacher



I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and providing those of us who are relatively new to the world of photography with your patience and encouragement.

Your Beginners Class was extremely helpful to me and I have learned some important tools that I hope to build on with time.

Being able to take a photograph that I am proud of is an amazing accomplishment but KNOWING how I got it to be great is even more fulfilling.

Thanks again for everything.



“Craig, a word about the recent photography course. I found that your passion for photography was infectious. It is your passion that allows you to instruct so professionally.  You had the perfect blend of classroom and hands on.  The critiques were extremely helpful in making me a better photographer.  I look forward to your Lightroom course”.

Sean Guest.


“It gives me great pleasure to be writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Craig Brown with respect to his photography endeavours. I have known Craig personally since 2007, and participated in his Learning through the Lens Photography course in 2010 which rekindled my own love of photography. 

Craig is a tremendously talented photographer, and an equally talented instructor. When it comes to teaching others about photography is he very patient, communicates well with his students utilizing his unique sense of humour and vast knowledge of photography, making it both interesting and fun. As a result, he has inspired me to continue my interest and passion in capturing beautiful images”.


Suzanne L. Wiehler


I am a previous photography student of Craig Brown and am writing to inform you of how pleased I was with his course.  I learned everything I know about photography from Mr. Brown and am now able to confidently go out and take beautiful pictures of my own. He also taught picture storage and editing, which for me, was something I had very limited knowledge of before.  He is such a wealth of knowledge on everything to do with photography, cameras, equipment, editing and safe storage of images. There wasn’t anything I asked him that he didn’t have the answer for. His also course provides the perfect balance of class instruction and hands on work.  He gave each student in the class one on one time out in the field to make sure that they were grasping the concept of what he was trying to teach and producing their own great images. He also reviewed each student’s images in the classroom at the end of each day and pointed out great work as well as gave ideas on how images could be improved upon.

Mr. Brown is a highly qualified and experienced photographer/teacher. He has many years of experience and has beautifully captured photographs of amazing places all over the world.  I would, without a doubt, recommend his services to anyone that was looking for the services that he provides.

Yours truly,

Tracy Robinson


I have taken Craig’s photography class. I was in his first one . As well as a few private tagalong sessions in the field.

He has a vast amount of information not only about composition and technical aspects of picture taking but also the areas of photo storage and picture development

But his best asset is his teaching he gives you the information but just doesn’t drop it in your lap and expect you to run with it, through questions and questions and more questions during class as well as the in field training portion He helps you develop your own style by encouraging you to try helping if you can’t seem to get the shot you wanted and by never saying it was wrong as he can see himself the path you where taking I’m believing that comes from the artist side within him.

It was a very informative and helpful

Scott St George 


I had a great time in the photography course with Craig, he was very inspiring, patient and really puts things in to perspective. A well organized course and a great teacher.

Thanks very much,

Rob Love


The whole day was very well organized and complete.

The environment was very suitable to the number of attendees.

All the information was available via e-mail after the course so note taking did not interfere with demos and learning.

Craig’s presentation of the lightroom program was very detailed and covered everything one needs to know to start working on post processing.

The fact that we had time to practice on some of our own photos and then go through a critic process was very worthwhiled. This was a great learning experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to master Adobe Lightroom.

Thank you Craig again for offering this course…. now to start using it more.


Judy Preston



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