Life Through The Lens – Part III – March 3 Image

A beautiful day today and I was out wandering around. Went for a nice long walk around Bayfront Park in Hamilton. Much of the ice in the inner bays is gone or breaking up. Lots of gulls about looking for the ever elusive fish. 


Life Through The Lens – Part III – February 11 Image

Today we are getting freezing rain to mix in with the snow from yesterday. Canadian winters…gotta love em!

Life Through The Lens – Part III – January 6 Image

I am posting my image early today as this will be my last post for a couple of weeks. Tonight I fly to South America and in a couple of days board the One Oceans ship Vavilov and head to the Antarctic! I will be completely off the grid for a couple of weeks, a refreshing change to be sure. 

This mornings image comes from Spencer Smith Park here in Burlington as ice is forming along the shores of Lake Ontario now. 

Be safe and I will see you all in a couple of weeks!

Life Through The Lens – Part III – January 5 Image

Sometimes you have to shoot low key. A cold morning today down at the pier. 

Life Through The Lens – Part III – January 3 Image

Something a bit different today. These are pieces of ice starting to form at the edge of Lake Ontario. However I did not like the way it turned out so I changed it into something far more abstract. 

Ships in The Mist

This morning, the air temperature was very cold, so there was an unusual mist on Lake Ontario that looked like clouds on the water. I stood on the balcony of my condo to photograph these 2 ships waiting to enter Burlington Bay.

Life Through The Lens – Part III

My Life Through The Lens project is coming back! Part III will begin January 1, 2018 and I am super excited to share the details with you! My first iteration of the project, started back in 2010 and was 1 year in duration. I took an image each day and at the end of the year, created a book from all 365 images. The 2nd iteration was a couple of years later and ran for 1000 days. This third version will run for one year but will be based on a different format.

Each month I will select a topic or challenge myself to shoot a specific subject or genre. One month may be just landscapes, another month may be just black and white. Perhaps one month will just be shooting with one specific lens. It is not an easy challenge I am setting for myself due to my hectic travel schedule for my full time job. The images may not get posted every day, but they will be posted I can assure you. I will do my best and throw myself into the challenge. After all, that is the way I grow as an artist.

You guys will all have a role to play in this as well. In order to build my social media presence, I would love it if you guys would all share my image(s) every day. What is in it for you, you ask? At the end of every month, I will pick the person who has shared my images the most during that month and I will reward you with a print of an image shot during that month! However you will need to share them from my Facebook photography page.

The images will be shared here on my blog, on my Facebook photography page, and on Instagram. And time permitting I will create a gallery on my web site where the images will be posted once a month.

The theme for January will be wildlife and ice. There is a very good reason for this theme, as my wife and I are heading to Antarctica in early January!

I hope you will follow along as I share my journey of life through the lens!

Super Seven for 2017

I belong to a wonderful group of photographers known as OFFBEAT. (

Every year we are asked to post our “Super Seven” or our seven favourite images from the year.

These are mine.