Night Photography Course


Location – TBA

Date – TBA

Duration – 4 Hours

Start Time – 8pm

End Time – 10:30pm

Maximum Number of Participants – No Limit

A short course to introduce to you to wonderful world of night photography! Bring your camera, tripod and energy out for 4 hours and learn all about taking images at night. 

We will not be doing any kind of post processing at this time. 

Night Photography Tricks & Tips

Equipment Required

DSLR Camera – If your camera has a “BULB” setting that is very helpful

Wide Angle Lenses are the best choice for night photography if you have one or more. But any lens will work well.

Sturdy Tripod

Remote Shutter Release – Wired or Wireless (You can also use the Self Timer on your camera)

Stopwatch or smartphone with timer / stopwatch function

A flash is not necessary

Please have your camera manual with you if you do not know how to set your camera to Bulb, or to obtain longer shutter times. Also knowing how to bracket is helpful.


$25.00 per person payable up front via e-mail transfer only

Send your e-mail transfer to

* Please note there are no refunds offered for this course. If I have to cancel it, I will reschedule it at a later date.



Thanks Craig, I really enjoyed the evening photography class. Sorry for being late but even with an injured finger I was still able to operate my camera, that’s what I get helping my wife cut vegetables. My fault, was in too much of a hurry. I learnt stuff from your class that absolutely amazed me, it was like seeing for the first time but through my lens into the night. Thanks so much


I liked it learned something so now I can make much better pictures nighttime.


Craig did a great job with this course. I personally learned a lot even just talking with Craig in the parking lot at the beginning of the night … and the course had even started yet! It was an informative and fun night with a good group of people. The only suggestion for improvement was it would have been nice if the course was “Night Photography in the Caribbean”. It was a cold night.


had been in two of your courses and I really enjoy it!
Your kindness and knowledge made the experience more appreciated.
Thanks again and…
Hasta la vista.


I learned a lot, thanks so much Craig! I’m with Jim though… lets do this in the caribbean next time 🙂




15 thoughts on “Night Photography Course

  1. Last night I attended Craig Brown’s Night Photography Course in downtown Hamilton. It was my first time attempting shooting at night and Im glad Craig was the instructor. Before we set out for our walk about, Craig explained what settings were best suited for night photography and also mentioned common problems we might come across. He made sure everyone was clear what was on the agenda for the evening. Craig is very knowledgeable about photography and it showed when someone, myself included needed assistance. I had read up on night shooting on the internet, but it was great having Craig there to answer questions, show composition tips, and help us troubleshoot. I would recommend taking this course. I would take this course again just to hang with Craig and get tips that I might have missed last night.

  2. I may not be able to attend tonight. I do not think that i could last for half hour outside. Will you be having it again when not so cold? Please post.

    Thank you and have fun tonight.


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