The Red Shovel Project

I had an idea in mind to something “wintery” for a while now. I just needed winter. On Saturday Mother Nature gave us some snow here in Burlington. The result is what I am calling my Red Shovel Project. 

The Mighty Horseshoe Falls

A gorgeous morning at the mighty Horseshoe Falls! So nice going down early on a weekday morning! 🙂

Workshop Announcement!!

Have you ever wanted to “See” better? To learn the creative side of photography? To use motion, lines and blur to add impact to your images. How to colour outside the lines. How to create visual art in the most mundane areas?

Then join award winning photographer Craig Brown on a journey to unlock your creative weirdness. A 1 day workshop, all in the field, to try something different.

Follow the link below for all of the details!

Not Focusing on Sunrise

Something a wee bit different from my sunrise shoot at Humber Bay Park this morning. This is not ICM, but instead I turned the focus while exposing the image. I like it! But then again I am a bit weird!