Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Several years ago I started a project I called “Imagine”. The purpose of this project was to entice Canadians to see more of Canada by showing them images of some of the beautiful places in Canada and asking them to “Imagine” what it would be like if they were standing in that spot. I have always thought that so many Canadians tend to travel to the Caribbean, or to Mexico or the US instead of staying here in our incredibly beautiful county. There is so much to see and do in this country and yet so few Canadians actually “see” it.
In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday I have put together a video of images I have taken across Canada. I hope you enjoy these images and that you can visit some of the stunning places that these images come from.
Happy 150th Birthday Canada!!

Lake Huron Storm

A storm moving in across Lake Huron at sunset.


Inspiration over Information

Of course, there will always be those who look only at technique, who ask ‘how,’ while others of a more curious nature will ask ‘why.’ Personally, I have always preferred inspiration to information.’

Just imagine…

Peggy's Cove

Life Through The Lens – Part II – February 14 Image

I had a busy day yesterday and hosted a games night party so I did not have a chance to post my image of the day yesterday. No hearts and roses…sorry! 🙂


Life Through The Lens – Part II – September 1 Image

I dropped by the Lift Bridge and canal this afternoon. Wow was it ever busy today! It seems lots of people were out enjoying the last day of the long weekend. And it was a beauty day! This is a shot of the lighthouse at the end of the pier. 


Life Through The Lens – Part II – August 15 Image

I was so crazy busy today with work, preparing for a house party on Saturday and a charity fundraiser on Sunday that I could not seem to find a minute to breathe. So I am going to use a small cheat here and post an image from my time spent on the Burlington Pier the other day.

“Someone is watching You”


Life Through The Lens – Part II – September 23 Image

This afternoon after work I drove out to West Vancouver and out to Point Atkinson and the lighthouse there. I have never been to this spot so I did not have any kind of expectations. I had also not scouted out the location prior to going. When I left the hotel a very light rain was falling but to the west I could see the clouds were parting and I had blue sky. When I reached a view point I had an amazing sunset! So amazing in fact I am posting 2 shots tonight. One from the view point and one from an area near the lighthouse (there is no public access to the lighthouse). 

PointAtkinsonLighthouseSunset_0336-1 Point Atkinson

Point Reyes National Seashore

Yesterday after work I drove from Sacramento out to Point Reyes National Seashore Park. This is a beautiful area with lots of wildlife including deer, eagles and many other shore birds. I did some hiking and although the stairway to the lighthouse was closed, the views were still wonderful! I have to admit that only having my Point & Shoot with me was a bonus as I did not get any of the “wow! Nice camera..you must be able to take great pictures with it” to “Are you a magazine photographer?” and then the funniest of all “my P&S is not working, can you fix it? LOL!