Bear Fight

Sometimes the fights are real.

We witnessed these 2 full grown males getting into a major fight at Brooks Falls up in Alaska. One of the bears sustained a nasty cut on his chest. The bears try to avoid fighting but when one does break out, usually over territory, it can be very brutal.



Carrying the Flag

I am working outside of Jefferson City, MO this weekend, and this afternoon I finished up early and went for a walk around this pretty city that I have never been too. It was a gorgeous day for wandering!


Life Through The Lens – Part II – June 3 Image

Late this afternoon it was raining pretty steadily around the Buford area. I went for some dinner and after dinner, even thought it was still raining, I could see some possible clearing so I headed to a park on Lake Lanier. Sure enough, by the time I got there the rains stopped, the sun came out and the clouds parted! 🙂


Image from April 15

Yesterday was a very long day of travel and running through airports to catch my next flight. This is a shot about 100km’s east of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Photographed high above the mountains east of Salt Lake City.