Old Stairs




Oh my! This Hair…

No matter what I try, I simply cannot do anything with this hair!

Shot this morning at Pinckney National Wildlife Refuge.


Weed in the Sun

Many times, wonderful images can be found right in your own backyard, or in my case in a field behind the hotel I was staying at in South Carolina. Happy Sunday all!


Prince Frederick’s Chapel

On my wanderings around this morning in South Carolina near Florence, I came across the ruins of this old chapel. It was fenced off to protect it I am assuming so getting an image of it in its entirety with my iPhone was not possible. This ruin is of the second church built on this site in 1859. 


Life Through The Lens – Part II – March 4 Image

This morning there was pretty heavy fog in the area where I was working. I had a few moments to explore before heading to the site. I found a variety of subjects to photograph. This lonely horse grazing in the field was one of my favorites.


Life Through The Lens – Part II – March 3 Image

I was not able to post this image last night due to a very strange firewall at the hotel I was staying at blocking access to WordPress. 

Anyways I drove from North Carolina to South Carolina last night and since it had been raining most of the day and evening I stopped at a roadside rest stop and snapped a couple of shots of the South Carolina sign.


Image from December 3

After a great day of golf in Myrtle Beach, I raced back to our hotel just in time to make it to the beach and catch the last part of a beautiful sunset!

Photographed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina