Sleep Saturday!

A Fur Seal having a snooze.




“I freaking told you I used deodorant today!!”
Fur Seals – Deception Island – Antarctica
A few facts about this area. It is one of the safest harbours in the Antarctica. The island is also a caldera of an active volcano. The last time the volcano erupted was the late 60’s, early 70’s. It destroyed a couple of scientific stations there. It is administered under the Antarctic Treaty System.

Image from March 20

We drove down the east coast today and ended up in the town of Kaikoura which is known for its abundance of marine life including whales, dolphins and these guys, Harbour Seals. They are all over the place along the beaches and rocky areas leading into town. At Ohau Bay, we came across an entire colony of them.

Photographed at Ohau Bay, New Zealand