Life Through The Lens – Part II – November 1 Image

Today I taught my Digital Photography For Beginners course and I had an awesome group of people! They had a lot of fun and took some great images! For the field section of the day we ventured out on a rather chilly afternoon to Tiffany Falls just outside of Ancaster. It is a beautiful waterfall and has lots of potential to create great images.


Life Through The Lens – Part II – May 21 Image

After a very long day of travel I finally made it to Northern Ireland. We met up at a Bed & Breakfast we are staying at for a couple of nights, and then went into the town of Bushmills for dinner. (Yes the very town where Bushmills whisky comes from!) After dinner we drove to the Giants Causeway. This is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns which are the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. We were hoping for some nice light for sunset but Mother Nature did not cooperate. 


Life Through The Lens – Part II – October 3 Image

Late this afternoon I took a few members from my Waterfall Meetup group to Albion Falls. The trees are starting to change and there is lots of colour to be found! Albion Falls is by far my favourite waterfall in the Hamilton area simply because of the cascades!



Life Through The Lens – Part II – July 17 Image

Late this morning I headed to Los Angeles and LAX to get my flight home. Since I was early arriving to the airport, I drove down to the west of the airport and stopped along the beach front. I went for a short walk along the beach and took a few shots of the rocks and waves.


Life Through The Lens – Part II – June 11 Image

At lunch today I went for a short hike along the Chedoke Radial Trail near Scenic Drive. With the rains yesterday, Upper Princess Falls was running pretty well. Lots of nice wild flowers out too!

Upper Princess Falls

Life Through The Lens – Part II – June 6 Image

This afternoon I stopped by Gairloch Gardens in Oakville. This is a beautiful waterfront park along the shores of Lake Ontario. I remember this park from my days of doing wedding and portrait photography. It is the most popular park in the area for weddings. Today the winds were up and the waves were crashing into the rock wall.

Gairloch Gardens


Life Through The Lens – Part II – April 9 Image

Today after work I drove out to the Grand Canyon. I had only been there once back in the mid 90’s, so it was a joy to see one of the worlds natural wonders again! I was kind of surprised by the number of people visiting for an early April, mid week day. I would have liked to spend much more time but I had to head back to Flagstaff as I have another very early morning tomorrow.

Grand Canyon

Life Through The Lens – Part II – March 17 Image

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone! I drove down with my lovely wife to St. Catharines and Port Dalhousie. There is a lovely lighthouse here (see the green? for today! :o)) It was a bit chilly and windy and I absolutely love the clouds! 

Port Dalhousie Lighthouse

Life Through The Lens – Part II – March 16 Image

This morning I took a few members from the Waterfall Meetup group to Albion Falls. Albion has always been one of my most favourite waterfalls in Hamilton because of the tiers. It was a cold, snowy morning and the path down to the bottom was quite slippery (thanks to crampons on boots). But the conditions were perfect for photographing a waterfall, with the exception of the snow on everyone’s lenses!