City of Edmonton

The city of Edmonton last evening. 


Life Through The Lens – Part II – April 4 Image

A shot of the inside of the Standard Life building in downtown Hamilton.

Happy Easter everyone! 🙂


Life Through The Lens – Part II – January 5 Image

Sometimes you just have to get very weird! Some are going to like this, some are going to hate it, but most will admit that it is different! This is a shot from downtown Hamilton, Main Street and James Street, that I went WAY overboard on the HDR effect. 


Life Through The Lens – Part II – November 22 Image

I had a busy day today and then we were hosting a dinner this evening so I had very little time to get a picture for today. I stepped outside, on my covered porch since it is raining, and snapped this shot of the house across the street from us. I like their message in the windows! If only we could all live by those words!


Life Through The Lens – Part II – September 24 Image

After work today I drove down and parked at Stanley Park. I then hiked out and walked along the pedestrian walkway on the west facing side of the Lions Gate Bridge, which separates Vancouver from North Vancouver. I was wondering if we would get any kind of sunset this evening, but it was not to be. So I hiked back down off of the bridge, went under it and back up along the east facing side. This shot is from the bridge overlooking Stanley Park and Vancouver.


Life Through The Lens – Part II – April 20 Image

I drove back into San Francisco after work today and figured out how to get up to the north side of the bridge looking back towards the bridge and the city itself. It was a beautiful evening and the lights across the bridge and from the city were spectacular!

San Francisco at Night

Image from November 28

I am back in Calgary, Alberta for a couple of days. They have got a few inches of snow here, but at least the temperatures have warmed up from what I heard they were getting a week ago (-35) brrrrr!

Photographed from the pedestrian bridge crossing the Trans Canada Highway 16 near Highway 2.

Image from September 16

I drove over to Highway 403 and the “Linc” this evening just after the rains stopped. There is a pedestrian bridge (part of the Bruce Trail) that crosses the 403 in this area. I really like the headlights and taillights of the vehicles and the reflections of them on the wet pavement.

Photographed in Hamilton, Ontario

Image from September 10

Sitting in the Edmonton airport this morning, I happened to glance at the ceiling. The rows of flourescent lights attracted my eye. Of course they were not orange in the airport! But I decided to have a bit of fun with the exposure!

Photographed in Edmonton, Alberta