Life Through The Lens – Part III – March 26 Image

I am in Lakeland, Florida for a day and after dinner this evening I drove by this huge church near Interstate 4. The sky was interesting so I just had to drive in and try a few angles. I like this one the best.


Dinner Time!

I found another wetlands nature park with boardwalks, this time in Tampa, Florida. I went for a walk for an hour or so this afternoon and managed to catch this Grey Heron with a Catfish.


Baby Alligator

I drove from Miami to Tampa today and just after leaving Miami I stopped for a couple of hours at Green Cay Wetlands Nature Center. Lots of birds around and about 4 of these baby alligators. Did not see any sign of Mom though. 


Life Through The Lens – Part II – September 8 Image

Standing Guard!

I arrived into Tampa Bay, Florida this morning. As I expected it is hot and brutally humid here. I am working about 35 miles out of Tampa Bay and my hotel is only a few miles from the job. This guy was hanging around near the parking lot of the hotel when I pulled in.