Happy Birthday Canada!

The most beautiful country in the world turns 150 years young today! 


Reflection of Cloud

Photographed in Banff National Park 2 nights ago.

Only in Canada eh? Pity

Last night I was out at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park with some other photographer buddies. It was a great evening with a beautiful sky!

Since it is getting close to Canada’s 150th birthday I thought I would celebrate a bit early!

Carrying the Flag

I am working outside of Jefferson City, MO this weekend, and this afternoon I finished up early and went for a walk around this pretty city that I have never been too. It was a gorgeous day for wandering!


Life Through The Lens – Part II – February 15 Image

Today is the 50th anniversary of the national flag of Canada. I am proud to live in a safe, prosperous, diverse and wonderful country like Canada. We have the worlds greatest backyard and some of the friendliest people! Wave your flags in pride! 🙂


Life Through The Lens – Part II – August 9 Image

Another beautiful sunset this evening. Our neighbour has a small flagpole on top of his fence. Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!


Life Through The Lens – Part II – July 27 Image

On my way home! For a couple of days anyway! My connection is in Calgary. I love this city and this part of Canada as it is so close to the majestic Rocky Mountains. I have not been out to the Rockies for a while and I miss it. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!