Salmon on the Fly!

This young, female Brown bear was standing on the top of Brooks Falls here in Alaska working on here fish catching techniques. She was learning pretty quickly!



One Good Tern deserves a….fish!

Spent a couple of hours at Grindstone Marsh today. Had some fun watching this hard working Tern trying to get lunch. He finally succeeded! 

Tern_0034 TernWithFish_0142

Life Through The Lens – Part II – August 10 Image

Look at the tats on this guy!

Lots of them swimming around at Grindstone Marsh. All I can say is look out for the Osprey!


Life Through The Lens – Part II – November 16 Image

I actually took this shot late yesterday while at Cootes Bay. This dead fish was lying along the edge of the bay. I think it might be a Pike judging from the teeth, but I am no fish expert. 

Keep your children by your side at all times! 🙂


Life Through The Lens – Part II – May 20 Image

This morning I headed down to Hamilton’s waterfront and wandered around Pier 8 area. There is an old building near where the tugboats dock and recently it looks like they covered much of the wall facing the bay with artwork done by various kids from Hamilton schools. In addition they added brightly coloured fish that look to be “swimming” along the concrete wall. All in all it certainly adds a unique and pleasant look to an otherwise ugly building.


Life Through The Lens – Part II – July 9 Image

This afternoon I drove out to the west coast and drove along the Pacific Coast Highway. I was scouting for somewhere to shoot sunset. However the outrageous price for parking coupled with the huge number of oil rigs out in the water left me searching for alternative shots. I came across this marshy area called Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. It has a boardwalk and dirt walkways throughout.There are hundreds of birds of many different species. I was concentrating on photographing the ones closer to me as I did not have a really long lens. Every once in a while some would fly directly above me and I would snap the camera up and try to capture them in mid flight. Some of the images did not work out but this one did! The funny thing about this shot is I did not even notice the fish in his mouth until I looked at the images on the computer! Many thanks to my good friend Lisa Langell for providing me with the name of this guy. He is a Caspian Tern. 


Image from July 17

I took a work colleague who was visiting in from the U.S  to a Mandarin Chinese buffet for lunch today. At this particular location they have a gigantic aquarium which had a large number of very colourful fish.

Photographed at the Mandarin Restaurant, Brampton, Ontario.