Life Through The Lens – Part III – March 1 Image

Welcome to March! For this months theme, I am calling it Monochrome March. All images shot this month will be Black & White.

First up is a shot from wandering the corridors of Edmonton International Airport this morning while I was waiting for my flight.


City of Edmonton

The city of Edmonton last evening. 

Life Through The Lens – Part II – November 11 Image

Today was Remembrance Day in Canada. Although I was not able to take part in any of the ceremonies I did hold a minute of silence for all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could have our freedoms today. The red Poppy is a simple yet powerful reminder of those who died so we could live. 



Snow in the cracks…



Life Through The Lens – Part II – November 28 Image

Today here in Edmonton it had been a very cloudy, drab day with a temperature about -6 Celsius. About 15 minutes before sunset the sky cleared and the sun shone brightly. By the time I figured this out and managed to get somewhere, much of the light show had come and gone. But I still had a pretty sky to cheer up a desolate field. 


Image from February 2

I was looking for a good view of downtown Edmonton this evening and failed miserably! I did however find Dawson Park and a bridge that goes across the North Saskatchewan River. There is a pedestrian walkway along the side of this bridge. The surface of the walkway is wood and the lighting along the bridge threw interesing shadows along this pathway.

Photographed in Edmonton, Alberta

Image from January 24

I am out in Edmonton, Alberta for a couple of days. Compared to Ontario it is a balmy 1 degree C here! But they have certainly had a lot of snow! WOW! This decorated tree is actually pretty big!

Photographed in Edmonton, Alberta

Image from September 7

I arrived in Edmonton, Alberta today. It was another one of those up early and hectic travel days. For those of us who are known as “Road Warriors” signs like this are something we get used too and look forward to after a long day of travel / work.

Photographed in Edmonton, Alberta.