Favourite Images of 2017

The 2nd image of my favourites of 2017 is a shot of the old Caledonia Mill in Caledonia, Ontario.
I shot this on a very windy day and this particular exposure is 2 minutes long. I used the Big Stopper from Lee Filters since I shot this in the afternoon.
This mill was built in 1846 and is the last timber framed water powered mill along the Grand River in Ontario. There were rumours of its demise in 2017 but it still stands.
Shot on the Canon 5D MK III with the 17-40mm lens. Shot at ISO 100, f22 and 120 second exposure.

Super Seven for 2017

I belong to a wonderful group of photographers known as OFFBEAT. (offbeatphoto.ca)

Every year we are asked to post our “Super Seven” or our seven favourite images from the year.

These are mine.


A Windy Day

I have driven across the Grand River bridge in Caledonia, Ontario many times and always wondered what the big, white building was up the river. Today I ventured over and found it was the old Caledonia Mill. Upon talking to a local who was walking by while I was taking pictures, he told me they were going to tear down the building in April.


Life Through The Lens – Part II – November 9 Image

In an effort to promote not only the area I live in but the province of Ontario and Canada itself, from time to time I am going to be visiting communities far and wide and capturing images from that community. 

For a very long time now I have wondered why Canada and all of its provinces don’t do much to promote themselves. Yes we see ads from time to time and web sites dedicated to promoting this area or that. But when I visit places in Canada the tourists I see are almost always non Canadian. On one hand this is of course good for Canada as we are inviting and open to people visiting from all parts of the world. On the other hand though is Canadians themselves are not exploring their own backyard. Why is that? Are we so brainwashed by going to someplace warm in January or February to escape the harsh Canadian winters? But what about the rest of the year? What stops us from visiting other areas? Is it cost? Yes domestic air travel in Canada is expensive. Travel by car, while being easy with a good road system, is difficult time wise due to the sheer size of our provinces and country. Rail travel, unlike Europe is pretty much unused in Canada. Maybe there is no easy answer to this. Maybe people simply don’t want to get out there. They are happy staying around their own area and occasionally visiting a nearby town or city. 

I want to change that. I can’t do it all by myself of course. There for I am going to dust off a project I started a few years back called “Imagine” and bring those images back to life. All of the images in that project will be from Canada exclusively. I want people to see those images and think “Imagine if I was standing in that very spot”. I want people to go “wow I need to go and visit that place”. 

Some of those images will be posted on my blog from time to time and new images will be added to that project all of the time. I have lots of visitors from all over the globe to my blog and in addition to those from Canada, I also hope the images will inspire those from other parts of the world to visit. 

Come on Canadians, get out there and enjoy this magnificent country you live in! Explore, hike, drive, and take pictures, but most of all breathe! Breathe in the unforgettable beauty of Canada and all it has to offer. 

Today I visited Caledonia, which is part of Haldimand County. Caledonia is situated right on the Grand River. This image is of the Toll House which is the oldest building still standing in Caledonia. It is Circa 1875 and was built for the collector of tolls from people crossing the Grand River. 

The Toll House