Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Several years ago I started a project I called “Imagine”. The purpose of this project was to entice Canadians to see more of Canada by showing them images of some of the beautiful places in Canada and asking them to “Imagine” what it would be like if they were standing in that spot. I have always thought that so many Canadians tend to travel to the Caribbean, or to Mexico or the US instead of staying here in our incredibly beautiful county. There is so much to see and do in this country and yet so few Canadians actually “see” it.
In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday I have put together a video of images I have taken across Canada. I hope you enjoy these images and that you can visit some of the stunning places that these images come from.
Happy 150th Birthday Canada!!

Lights of Vancouver

I am in Vancouver for a couple of days. I had some time after arriving this afternoon to go for a walk in one of Canada’s prettiest urban parks, Stanley Park which offers great views of the city of Vancouver!


We Must Stop the British Columbia Government !!

This insanity has to stop! Please send e-mails to all government officials and let us stop the BC government.





The Natural Bridge

A shot of just upstream of the iconic Natural Bridge in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada


Life Through The Lens – Part II – June 16 Image

The first leg of my flight(s) to Sydney, Australia is done and I am sitting here in Vancouver, BC airport. On the way in it looked like a stormy day to the east of Vancouver, but once in Vancouver it is very nice (or at least looks that way out of the airport windows!). This shot is part of my Window Seat project as we were coming in.


Life Through The Lens – Part II – March 27 Image

The Scarred Table

This morning while sitting at the airport in Vancouver having breakfast I happened to notice the table under the table cloth. It was badly scratched and scarred. I wonder how many stories it could tell if it could speak? How many arguments took place at this table, the good times and the bad times. How much food sat untouched or kids scratched the surface because they were bored. What tree the wood was from to make this table…


Life Through The Lens – Part II – March 26 Image

Today was another cloudy day in western British Columbia. I was back on the ferry this morning heading to Port Mellon. On my way back to Vancouver this evening I took this shot of Howe Sound, the area where the pulp and paper mill that I working at is located.


Life Through The Lens – Part II – March 25 Image

Today has been a very rainy day, which is pretty typical of the west coast of Canada! I am currently sitting at the Langdale ferry terminal waiting for the last ferry of the day. The shot below is one I took this morning on the first ferry of the day. Gloomy indeed!