Life Through The Lens – Part III – January 1 Image

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2018!

The 3rd iteration of my Life Through The Lens project starts today. For the month of January I have chosen Ice & Wildlife as my themes. The reason for this choice will become clear in a few days. For my first image I was out late this afternoon looking for Snowy Owls. After speaking with a couple of photographer friends, I drove down to behind the St Catharines hospital, which used to be a popular location for them, and sure enough they are back! I spent some time hoping they would fly, but only spotted one off in the distance and could not get any decent shots of him. I would have spent longer, however the weather was changing for the worse and I wanted to head home. 

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Favourite Images of 2017

Over the next few days I will be sharing some of my favourite images I took in 2017. They might not be my best, but they certainly stirred emotions in me. They may have told a story, or been part of one, or they may have been simply a lucky shot. Please feel free to share…
First up is a Golden Eagle photographed at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy. These beautiful birds of prey maintain territories as large as 200km or more. They build large nests high up in trees and may return to several years in a row. Most of the breeding takes place in the spring. The female lays up to 4 eggs and then incubates them for 6 weeks. Due to its hunting prowess, the Golden Eagle is regarded with great mystic reverence in some ancient tribal cultures.
Shot on the Canon 7D MK II using the 100-400mm VII lens. ISO 250, 1/400th sec., f5.6

Super Seven for 2017

I belong to a wonderful group of photographers known as OFFBEAT. (

Every year we are asked to post our “Super Seven” or our seven favourite images from the year.

These are mine.


Calling For Her Mate

This female Bald Eagle, spotted at Wilkes Dam in Brantford, Ontario today, was calling for her mate. Me thinks he was probably doing the male thing and sleeping somewhere! 🙂