Super Seven for 2017

I belong to a wonderful group of photographers known as OFFBEAT. (

Every year we are asked to post our “Super Seven” or our seven favourite images from the year.

These are mine.



New Web Site!

I am pleased to announce I have a new web site! Please check it out and share it if you like it! 

Photography By Craig


Marching to a New Tune

Spotted these geese out for a stroll at a nature preserve near Anchorage, Alaska. 



“Pssst…Sam…did you hear about George? He was caught taking salmon bribes last week!”
Brown Bears – Alaska

Bad Fur Day

“ugh…I need coffee”

Brown Bear – Alaska


The Look of…

“Yeah….I did not catch the fish…so what? Whatcha gonna do about it?”

Brown Bear – Alaska


Bear Fight

Sometimes the fights are real.

We witnessed these 2 full grown males getting into a major fight at Brooks Falls up in Alaska. One of the bears sustained a nasty cut on his chest. The bears try to avoid fighting but when one does break out, usually over territory, it can be very brutal.



Short Attention Span!

“Ouch…damn you. Stop it…Mom is over there…hey look, a duck”


Sharing Dinner

“I will share”

Two young Brown Bear in Alaska sharing a Salmon dinner.



“You Lookin At Me?”

A Brown Bear checking out the area in Alaska.