On your way at LAX

Heading home this morning…


Watching the Reflection

People watching at airports is always interesting. Today required a bit of patience as I waited for the right moment to capture someone pulling a suitcase in the floor reflection.

Life Through The Lens – Part II – June 15 Image

Yesterday was a crazy day travel wise. Rain in Chicago caused absolute chaos with flights and cancelled flights everywhere. I was stuck in Raleigh, North Carolina for 7 hours before finally arriving in Chicago at 12:30am. Needless to say my connection to Toronto was cancelled. The picture below kind of sums up being stuck behind bars (so to speak) with no control over the situation.


Life Through The Lens – Part II – June 9 Image

It was a rainy day in Pizzaville..or at least in Mississauga! Sitting on the plane this afternoon waiting to head out to sunnier destinations! Now if I could just figure out a way out of work….LOL



Life Through The Lens – Part II – June 7 Image

While waiting in the Atlanta airport this morning for my flight home I noticed the interesting architecture of the international terminal’s ceiling. 


Life Through The Lens – Part II – February 5 Image

I have arrived in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. It is a balmy -50 here with the wind chill…brrrr! We are looking forward to starting our night sky workshop tomorrow with a bunch of other crazy photographers! 🙂

This is a shot out of the plane window as we were coming in for a landing into Yellowknife.


Life Through The Lens – Part II – January 23 Image

Long day of work today and really no time to get a picture, and especially no time for editing as my brand new work PC just bit the dust. So I did manage to take this shot at the new international terminal being built in Calgary.