An Adventure in India…but oh the heat!

Thought I would provide an update on my work trip to India. HOT…HOT…more HOT. Did I mention Hot? In the plant where I am working it hits about 120 degrees F or about 49 degrees C up on the mezzanine where the equipment I am working on is located. 

The city where the plant is located seems to be very similar to many areas of Mexico I have seen. Many buildings falling down, partially constructed and never completed, full of garbage and roads falling apart. For some reason I had not thought India was quite like this. Not sure where I got this notion from. 

The people so far have been quite friendly. There is a lot of English spoken here and most signs are in English. The food has been okay. I have not been too exploratory with the food as I do not need to get sick in this heat, so I am being very cautious. 

Here is a pretty common shot from a street scene as we get taxied back and forth from the plant to our hotel every day.


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