Life Through The Lens – Part II – December 15 Image(s)

Today is my last day in Indonesia. I have an early flight out in the morning to Hong Kong, a quick stop, and then 15 hours to Toronto. I have enjoyed my time here, and found Indonesia to be a fascinating and eye opening country. The people are very friendly and accommodating. The heat, humidity and crazy amounts of traffic would keep me from living here, but it was certainly an interesting and enjoyable trip.

This shot is from Bogor, a suburb city of Jakarta. The customer I was visiting was located here and after finishing work this afternoon, my guide took me on a short trip to one of the 2 presidential palaces. The president of Indonesia spends more time at the palace in Jakarta than at this one. There are hundreds of deer on the grounds of this palace. Apparently one of the previous presidents had a fond liking for deer and had many of them brought in to roam the grounds of the palace. They are quite an attraction and many children love to feed them grass. 

FeedingTheDeer_5424-1 PresedentialPalace_5418-1


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