Life Through The Lens – Part II – August 21 Image

A few weeks ago I was wandering around in a store and noticed all of the back to school supplies were already out on the shelves. This got me thinking to all of the kids out there who come from families that have a difficult time putting food on the table, never mind supplying their children with the stuff they need to head to school. 

On Facebook I belong to an amazing group called Hamilton Photographers Rock. There are well over 1500 people in this group. I came up with an idea to help a local charity called City Kidz by asking many of my fellow photographers for donations. The response was overwhelming. Last Sunday we packed up over 9 huge garbage bags full of brand new back packs containing all kinds of back to school supplies. In addition we had 3 cardboard boxes and several other bags full of all the essential back to school stuff.

Today I dropped off all of the supplies to City Kidz here in Hamilton. They were overjoyed at the donation! Pictured in the image are Amanda and Sophia from City Kidz and the huge pile of back to school goodies to be handed out to needy kids. My thanks to the amazing group of people in Hamilton Photographers Rocks! You guys ROCK!



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