Life Through The Lens – Part II – August 11 Image

When you view a photograph do you just glance at it and move on or, if something in the image catches your eye do you take a second look? What if nothing in the image attracts you? Do you wonder why the photographer took the image? What inspired them to take this image that you find uninteresting? Every person has their own take on every image and for that matter, everything. Some will love it, some will hate it and some will just pass it by. But what if there was something in every single photograph out there that made you look twice? What if you had such an imagination that no matter the subject, you could find a unique take on that picture? 

As time goes on I find myself looking even more closely at everything out there. Especially in nature. Mother nature creates such beauty that everywhere we look we can’t but humbled by her imagination and her creations. And when I think to myself “well that does not look too interesting” I take a second or even a third look. And more often than not I am overjoyed at what I see. I use my imagination and I create wonderful images. Just like when we were kids and would play on the beach or in a sandbox and create magical castles.

Take for example the image below. Some will say well it is just a leaf. Others may look at it and enjoy the intersecting lines. Some may create shapes or patterns from it. For me it is so much more. I look at this image and I see The Earth from space. But just a piece of it. A small place of incredible beauty filled with wonderful trees that provide shade and life to all within their embrace. I see twinkling stars within that lushness and wonder if they are small animals or perhaps never before seen creatures that have an iridescent glow to them.

I see nothing human in this image. I see nothing man made. I see only life and beauty.

What do you see?



2 thoughts on “Life Through The Lens – Part II – August 11 Image

  1. I really like what you wrote and I too try to employ your philosophy in my photos. Obviously you have it more refined than I do but I’m working on it.
    Unfortunately I do see the influence of man in your “earth, space shot”. It looks like roads and a community off to the right with all the roads running through the neighborhood.
    I guess we all see things differently.

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