Life Through The Lens – Part II – June 21 Image

Today I took the train to Katoomba and the gateway to the beautiful Blue Mountains. One of the stops I made was at the Three Sisters. The legend I was told today, which apparently is one of many Aboriginal legends about these unusual rock formations is that 3 sisters, Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo had a father who was a witch doctor. The father, in an effort to keep his daughters safe because of a very scary and evil monster in the valley called Bunyip, placed them on top of the cliff where they could play and he could keep an eye on them. One day Meenhi was frightened by a centipede. She threw a rock at it but missed. The rock bounced through the valley and into the cave of the Bunyip where it awoke and came after the girls. Their father, seeing what was happening and having no way to protect them used his magical bone to cast a spell on them that turned them into stone. The Bunyip, enraged at this, chased the father. In order to escape he turned himself into a magnificent Lyre Bird.The Bunyip gave up and went back to his cave. The father returned to his normal self but during the commotion had lost his magical bone. Without he could not reverse the spell he had cast upon his daughters. So here they sit to this day.



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